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PVA Expenses

Posted by fusioncorp on April 26, 2011

PVA Expenses

Transparency in Government - How We Spend Your Money

The Fayette County PVA Office now publicly lists every expense incurred by this office.  Each month we will post all expenditures on, starting with expenses incurred in July 2009, the beginning of the 2010 fiscal year. 

As your PVA, I am committed to reducing expenditures while increasing accountability to the taxpayers of Fayette County.  You deserve to know how this office spends every cent of your tax dollars. 

Since taking office in March 2009, I have eliminated some unnecessary expenses, and will continue to explore opportunities for savings and efficiency.  You will be able to track my progress in continuing my commitment to government transparency by regularly checking this page.   

David O'Neill

Fayette County PVA

Expense Lists

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