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Fayette PVA Reduces Vehicles, Increases Technology

Posted by fusioncorp on August 26, 2009

(Lexington, KY) -- Fayette County Property Valuation Administrator (PVA) David O’Neill gave the "Westward, Ho" today to send a caravan of four more PVA office pool cars to Frankfort to be sold. The measure will save taxpayer dollars, according to O'Neill.

“I’m reducing our automobile fleet roughly by half, from 11 vehicles when I took office in March, down to six,” O’Neill said. “In addition to saving taxpayers over $5,000 per year in insurance, fuel, maintenance and parking costs, we will invest the revenue generated from the sale of the cars to improvements in our technology.”

One automobile has already been sold. “All proceeds from the vehicle sales will be applied toward the cost of GIS, aerial photography and other new technologies, which we will use to complete much of the research that previously required costly and time- consuming field inspections,” O'Neill said.

“In many cases, aerial photography eliminates the need for an assessor to leave the office, drive to the property, disturb the property owner, access the grounds and return to the office with the data,” O’Neill said. “This approach is much safer, more environmentally friendly, faster and much more efficient without compromising accuracy.”

"Rather than spending money on cars, we are going to catch this office up on technology," O'Neill said.

In addition to cost saving measures, O’Neill announced a new web page that lists every office expenditure on the PVA public web site at “The citizens of Fayette County have every right to know how their tax dollars are being spent, and I am committed to full transparency with all financial transactions of the office,” O’Neill said.

“In our ongoing effort to be fully accountable to taxpayers we will continue to enhance this section of the web site so we encourage everyone to check back often,” he said.

The Kentucky Constitution designates the PVA offices as the administrators of "ad valorem" taxes, including residential, tangible and commercial property taxes as well as setting taxable values on vehicles and watercraft. The Fayette PVA Office is dedicated to assessing property in the most fair, equitable and timely manner possible.