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Fayette County PVA Takes Voluntary Budget Reduction...Again

Posted by fusioncorp on March 11, 2010

(Lexington, KY) – In an unprecedented action, Fayette County Property Valuation Administrator (PVA) David O’Neill has requested a second budget cut in operating funds appropriated by Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government (LFUCG) for the 2011 fiscal year.

In December 2009, O’Neill voluntarily asked for a $21,000 reduction in the funds appropriated by LFUCG to the Fayette County PVA Office. The FY 2011 budget request of $335,400 is 8% less than the approved budget for FY 2010 and is 21% less than the most recent budget requests by O’Neill’s predecessor.

“Taxpayers deserve proof that their elected representatives are working with less funding, just as most Lexingtonians are doing in their own families,” O’Neill said. “I’m proud that the efficiencies I’ve put in place now allow the office to do better work with less funding.”

Since taking office in March 2009, O’Neill has made significant reductions to operating costs including:

  • Annual $5,000 savings by 45% reduction of the PVA automobile fleet,
  • Annual $4,000 savings by bringing in house services previously outsourced, and
  • Reductions in travel, cellular service and other non-essential expenses.

LFUCG is statutorily obligated to contribute funding to the Fayette PVA Office.

David O’Neill was appointed by Governor Steve Beshear on February 11 to fill the unexpired term of Fayette County PVA. The Kentucky Constitution designates the PVA offices as the administrators of "ad valorem" taxes, including residential, tangible and commercial property taxes as well as setting taxable values on vehicles and watercraft. The Fayette PVA Office is dedicated to assessing property in the most fair, equitable and timely manner possible.