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Fayette County PVA Takes Voluntary Budget Reduction

Posted by fusioncorp on November 25, 2009

(Lexington, KY) – Fayette County Property Valuation Administrator (PVA) David O’Neill has voluntarily taken a 5.8% budget cut in operating funds appropriated by Lexington- Fayette Urban County Government (LFUCG).

“We are all in this period of economic recovery and revenue shortfall together,” O’Neill said. “The tax payers expect nothing less than full cooperation and belt-tightening from all government entities and the PVA office is no exception.”

For fiscal year 2010, LFUCG appropriated $365,000 to the PVA office. O’Neill has requested that the city reduce that number by $21,000. The reduced budget will be possible through savings in expenses and increased efficiencies.

Earlier this year O’Neill reduced the size of the PVA automobile fleet by 45% saving taxpayers approximately $5,000 per year in related expenses. Additionally, services previously outsourced have been brought in house saving $4,000 per year. The remainder will come from reductions in travel, cellular service and other non-essential expenses.

“This is exactly the type of response that our current situation requires, and I hope Mr. O’Neill’s proactive efforts will inspire other agencies to step up in similar fashion,” said Mayor Jim Newberry. “We very much appreciate the help of the PVA and his staff in resolving this issue.” The Mayor said the PVA is coming forward with the cut even though he has not been asked to do so.

David O’Neill was appointed by Governor Steve Beshear on February 11 to fill the unexpired term of Fayette County PVA.