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Below find the most recent press release from the office of David O’Neill, Fayette County PVA.  Older press releases are listed by date in the right menu.  For press inquiries, please contact Lori Kidwell at or (859)246-2722.

Fayette County PVA David O’Neill has been appointed to the Community Action Council board of directors by Mayor Jim Gray. His appointment was approved by Lexington-Fayette County Urban Government Council on June 23, 2011, for a term that will expire December 31, 2014.

Community Action Council is a member of the Community Action Partnership, a national organization that fights poverty on the local level. “I am humbled by the opportunity to further serve Fayette County and its residents. I look forward to working toward positive solutions to the problems facing those most in need,” said Fayette County PVA David O’Neill upon his appointment.

This is not O’Neill’s first board appointment in Fayette County. In 2003, he was appointed by Mayor Isaac to serve on the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government Greenspace Commission.

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Fayette County PVA Office to remain open despite furloughs

Posted by fusioncorp on May 24, 2011

The Fayette County PVA Office will remain open despite state office furloughs, Friday, May 27. This Friday concludes the six furlough days implemented by Governor Steve Beshear as a budget balancing measure.

“Memorial Day weekend is typically the kickoff for boating and camping season. I anticipate our office will be busy with phone calls and visits from those seeking assistance in licensing boats and travel trailers for use over the holiday weekend,” said Fayette County PVA David O’Neill. “Our office will do everything it can to ensure the residents of Fayette County are not inconvenienced by the state furlough."

Although Fayette County PVA David O’Neill will remain on the job in the PVA office, he will be without the full complement of 25 deputies. Most routine work performed by the office will be suspended, but critical functions will continue. Mr. O’Neill has remained on the job during each of the six furlough days during the 2011 fiscal year, which began on July 1, 2010.

The Fayette County PVA Office will remain open despite furloughs for nearly all state employees effectively closing state government Friday, September 3, 2010.

Fayette County PVA David O’Neill will remain on the job in the PVA office, but without the full complement of 25 deputy PVAs. Most work performed by the office will be suspended, but routine functions will continue.

“Unlike my staff, my pay will remain the same whether the office is open or not, and I do not believe it would be fair to the taxpayers to close the office,” said O’Neill. “I expect it to be like any other day with phone calls and visits from taxpayers, and I’ll do my best to respond to their needs.”

Friday, September 3, 2010 will be the first of six mandatory furlough days that nearly all executive branch employees must take during fiscal year 2011, which began July 1, 2010. PVA office staff members are considered executive branch employees and subject to the furloughs. However, PVAs are elected officials whose salaries are established by statute and therefore cannot be furloughed by the Governor’s order.

“My goal is to minimize the impact of the furloughs on the public and other county and municipal government offices that rely on our expertise,” said Mr. O’Neill. “Please accept my apologies for any delay you may experience Friday, and join me in recognizing the huge financial sacrifice being made by my staff and other state employees.”

(Lexington, KY) – Fayette County Property Valuation Administrator (PVA) David O’Neill today announced the completion and certification of the 2010 Property Tax Roll, which includes a modest 1% increase in the overall tax base from one year ago.

“I would hope the citizens of Fayette County view the news of stable property rolls as positive,” O’Neill said. However, he urges the taxing jurisdictions—including Fayette County Public Schools and Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government—to adjust their financial statements for a basically flat revenue stream and resist the urge to raise tax rates.

“Your PVA staff worked hard to sustain the health of the tax roll and administer fair and equitable assessments during a challenging economic climate, and your revenue stream from property taxes is intact. But the modest increase year-over-year should not be misconstrued as an indicator that our taxpayers and local economy would tolerate a tax increase.”

Certification of the tax roll by the Department of Revenue initiates the process by which various taxing jurisdictions will set their tax rates. The Department of Revenue annually certifies each county’s tax roll, effectively providing official state approval on the PVA offices’ property assessments.

(Lexington, KY) –Fayette Property Valuation Administrator (PVA) David O’Neill accepted an award yesterday, on behalf of his office, acknowledging the improvements in technologies and services implemented over the past year.

At the annual PVA Conference, the Kentucky PVA Association presented Mr. O’Neill with the Outstanding Assessment Jurisdiction Award for the Fayette County PVA Office. The association takes into account improvements made in the last two years; Mr. O’Neill has only been in office for 18 months.

“I want to thank my peers in the PVA Association for recognizing the many positive changes we’ve made in the Fayette PVA Office,” said Mr. O’Neill. “The staff is dedicated to public service and does an outstanding job each and every day. They earned this award.”