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Posted by kevinhardesty on October 17, 2017


A recent Herald-Leader article regarding the building of new homes in Scott County estimated the number of residential building lots available for development in Georgetown and Scott County at approximately 1,100. A search of PVA records has identified 1,637 residential & exempt parcels of less than one acre in Lexington that have no improvements (vacant) as of January 1, 2017. It is unknown whether the properties are actually available for sale or if they are suitable for development per LFUCG zoning, ordinances and other possible limitations. 

This list is intended to help identify possible housing solutions and raise awareness of local housing shortages particularly with respect to affordability. 

List of vacant lots in PDF format with links to property records here

View article from the Lexington Herald-Leader.

*Note: This list has been revised since its original publication to include exempt property holdings and a significant number of urban parcels previously omitted due to conflicting lot size data, and to exclude new houses currently under construction.