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On this page you will find properties in Fayette County that have recently been covered in the news, along with a link to the corresponding property record. 

If you wish to search for a specific property, you can access the public records here.

411 Southland - Marikka's

Posted by pvastaff on February 22, 2018

Marikka’s, a popular German beer garden and restaurant is about to reopen on Southland Drive. The new location, which has indoor and outdoor volleyball courts, was built on the site of their former restaurant.

Marikka's will be reopening Monday, February 26th, bigger than ever!  The new Marikka's will have 3 indoor volleyball courts, 3 outdoor volleyball courts and a large beer hall!


View PVA's parcel information here.

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LaRosa's Family Pizzeria

Posted by pvastaff on January 29, 2018



LaRosa's Family Pizzeria is coming to town!

View property record here.

View article from the Lexington Herald-Leader.

Skyline Chili

Posted by kevinhardesty on January 18, 2018


Coming Soon to Lexington - Skyline Chili

View property record here.

View article from the Lexington Herald-Leader.

Imani Baptist

Posted by pvastaff on December 5, 2017


STEAM Academy to get permanent home at the property formerly occupied by Imani Baptist, with a temporary stop at the former BCTC property on Cooper.  What will become of the old Johnson Elementary is not known.  Could it be used for affordable housing?


View PVA's parcel information here

View article from the Lexington Herald-Leader.

PVA Inspections and Reassessments

Posted by kevinhardesty on November 16, 2017


The PVA staff visits and inspects one-fourth of approximately 300 distinct residential neighborhoods each year. We conduct these inspections as part of our quadrennial reassessment plan as required and approved by the Kentucky Department of Revenue.

While inspecting neighborhoods, we review the characteristics and condition of properties and their improvements, look for changes since the previous inspection and update the photographs we post to

We recommend homeowners register with the community social media platform Next Door for updates from David O'Neill - the PVA - regarding the timing of these inspections as well as other timely and important updates.


When PVA field staff members are in your neighborhood they will be driving well-marked state vehicles, which always have a Commonwealth of Kentucky seal on the door. Our motor vehicle pool includes silver Hondas, a blue Toyota, a black Ford Taurus and a black Ford Explorer. 

In some neighborhoods, generally those where houses are set close together with narrow streets, PVA staff may park the car and inspect the neighborhood on foot, in which case they will be wearing an easy to identify blue and yellow safety vest. You may also call the office if you ever wish to confirm if we have staff in your area at (859) 246-2722.


If Your Property is Reassessed

If your property assessment increases you will be mailed an assessment notice on or around April 15, similiar to this example. You can also retreive a PDF version of your assessment notice from your property record on this website at any time after April 15 each year, whether your assessment changes or not. . 

Your assessment notice will also include this brochure which explains the entire reassessment process and what you should do if you wish to question your assessment.