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PVA Expenses

Transparency in Government - How We Spend Your Money

The Fayette County PVA Office now publicly lists every expense incurred by this office.  Each month we post all expenditures on, starting with expenses incurred in July 2009, the beginning of the 2010 fiscal year. 

As your PVA, I am committed to reducing expenditures while increasing accountability to the taxpayers of Fayette County.  You deserve to know how this office spends every cent of your tax dollars. 

Since taking office in March 2009, I have eliminated some unnecessary expenses, and will continue to explore opportunities for savings and efficiency.  You will be able to track my progress in continuing my commitment to government transparency by regularly checking this page.   

David O'Neill

Fayette County PVA

Expense List


Date Name Memo Amount
1/10/2018 Commonwealth Technology Copier Maintenance& Usage Charges (January) $35.00
1/10/2018 CoStar Realty Information, Inc. Subscription Service $199.00
1/10/2018 Fleet One Fuel for PVA Vehicles December 2017 $59.99
1/10/2018 Hensley Elam & Assoctiates Security License & Support $864.00
1/10/2018 Kentucky State Treasurer FY2017/18 2nd Quarter Base Billing (Reissued: Original Checks Lost in mail) $15237.50
1/10/2018 Kentucky State Treasurer FY17/18 2nd Q OX Billing (Reissued: Original Checks Lost in Mail) $535.34
1/10/2018 LexisMexis Matthew Bender KY Acts & Statutes $174.10
1/10/2018 LFUCG Council Clerk FY16/17 Outside Entity Record Storage $220.50
1/10/2018 Lynn Imaging Plotter Lease Payment $158.19
1/10/2018 WEX Card (gas card) Fuel for PVA Vehicles December 2017 $538.78
1/10/2018 Whitaker Bank Service Charge: Stop Payment of Lost checks $68.00
1/26/2018 Allegra Print & Imaging Homestead Applications $345.00
1/26/2018 Chase Card Services Monthly Subscriptions, Website Maintenance, Water & Cooler Rental, Vehicle Maintenance $3586.44
1/26/2018 Commonwealth Technology Copier Maintenance& Usage Charges (February) $35.00
1/26/2018 Government Utilities Tech Service Inc. PVDView Annual Support and Maintenance - 2018 $339.90
1/26/2018 Hurst Office Suppliers Office Supplies $208.80
1/26/2018 KY PVA Association 2018 Dues $53851.00
1/26/2018 Kentucky State Treasurer December Telephone Bill $381.06
1/26/2018 Republic Parking System Parking Charges (February) $1485.00
1/26/2018 Thomson Reuters - West (CLEAR) Subscription Service $189.00
1/26/2018 Xerox Corporation Copier Maintenance& Usage Charges (December) $19.58
1/26/2018 Kentucky State Treasurer FY2017/18 3rd & 4th Quarter Base Billing $30475.00
2/9/2018 Business Lexington 3 year Subscription $79.00
2/9/2018 David O'Neill Travel Reimbursement $95.46
2/9/2018 Feeback Printing Co. Envelopes & Paper $523.50
2/9/2018 Lynn Imaging Plotter Lease Payment $144.99
2/9/2018 Office Depot Office Supplies $60.86
2/20/2018 CoStar Realty Information Subscription Service $199.00
2/20/2018 Kentucky State Treasury January Telephone Bill $370.29
2/20/2018 Lexington Herald-Leader Bluegrass Boomers Ad $385.00
2/20/2018 Thomson Reuters - West (CLEAR) Subscription Service $189.00
2/20/2018 WEX Bank Fuel for PVA vehicles January 2018 $473.76



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