PVA Expenses

The Fayette County PVA Office now publicly lists every expense incurred by this office.  Each month, we post all expenditures on www.fayettepva.com, starting with expenses incurred in July 2009, the beginning of the 2010 fiscal year.

As your PVA, I am committed to reducing expenditures while increasing accountability to the taxpayers of Fayette County.  You deserve to know how this office spends every cent of your tax dollars.

Since taking office in March 2009, I have eliminated some unnecessary expenses, and will continue to explore opportunities for savings and efficiency.  You will be able to track my progress in continuing my commitment to government transparency by regularly checking this page.

David O’Neill | Fayette County PVA

Expense List

4/15/2020KY State Treasurer (Phone) March 20 Telephone Usage$378.96
4/15/2020Lynn ImaginingPlotter Payment$144.99
4/15/2020Thomson Reuters - West (CLEAR)Subscription Service$208.37

4/15/2020WEX Bank (Gas Card)Fuel for PVA Vehicles - March$171.57
4/15/2020Xerox CorporationCopier Maintenance & Usage Charge (March)$17.66

5/4/2020Chase Card ServicesMonthly Subscription, Yearly Subscription, Postage, Parking, Office Supplies, and Water/Cooler Rental $1,369.39
5/4/2020Commerce LexingtonMembership$516.00
5/4/2020Commonwealth TechnologyCopier Maintenance & Usage Charge (May)$35.00
5/4/2020LFUCG Council Clerk2020 Outside Storage$197.10
5/4/2020Lynn ImagingPlotter Payment$144.99
5/4/2020Republic ParkingTransit Center - May$1755.00
5/4/2020WEX Bank (Gas Card)Fuel for PVA Vehicles - April$16.40
5/18/2020Hensley, Elam & AssociatesHardware Support$90.00
5/18/2020Ky State Treasure (Phone)April 20 Telephone Usage$379.47
5/18/2020Thomson Reuters - West (CLEAR)Subscription Service$208.37
5/18/2020Xerox CorporationCopier Maintenance & Usage Charge (April)$13.61
5/18/2020Allegra Printing & ImagingMailer Inserts$200.00
5/28/2020Bluegass Integrate CommunicationsPrinting & Postage of Assessment Postcards$8,485.38
5/28/2020Chase Card ServicesMonthly Subscriptions, Yearly Subscriptions, Office Supplies$1,523.09
5/28/2020Commonwealth TechnologyCopier Maintenance & Usage Charge (June)$35.00
5/28/2020CoStar Realty Information, Inc.Subscription Service$217.32
5/28/2020Dell Marketing L.P.Dell Docking Station and Stylus$265.50
5/28/2020Kameron SpiveyWebsite Development for Open Inspection and Website Maintenacne$5,500.00
5/28/2020Lexington Herald-LeaderYearly Subscription$759.20
5/28/2020Marshall & SwiftYearly Subscription$738.90
5/28/2020Republic ParkingTransit Center - June$1,755.00
6/4/2020CoStar Realty information, Inc.Subscription Service$217.32
6/4/2020Kevin HardestyEmployee Reimbursement for State Vehicle Fuel$20.00
6/4/2020Schneider CorporationWebsite Hosting$10,217.27
6/4/2020Thomson Reuters - West (CLEAR)Subscription Service$208.37
6/4/2020Tyler Technologies, CLT DivisioniasWorld Maintenance & Support$88,150.00
6/4/2020WEX Bank (Gas Card)Fuel for PVA Vehicles - May$116.37
6/4/2020Xerox CorporationCopier Maintenance & Usage Charge (May)$13.54
6/19/2020Kameron SpiveyWebsite Development for Open Inspection & Website Maintenance$1,500.00
6/19/2020Ky State TreasurerMay 20 Telephone Usage$365.73
6/19/2020Tyler Technologies, CLT DivisionOffsite/OnSite Market Model Consultation$13,950.00
6/19/2020Chase Card ServicesMonthly Subscriptions, Yearly Subscriptions, Offices Supplies, Tablets, Parking, Software, PPE$5,036.18
6/19/2020Republic Parking SystemTransit Center - July$1,755.00
6/19/2020Tyler Technologies, CLT Division2021 Commercial Valuations$6,240.00
6/19/2020Dell Marketing L.P.Tablets & Docking Stations$1,798.47
6/25/2020CarahsoftKofax Software$1,638.00
6/25/2020Chase Card ServicesYearly Subscriptions, Offices Supplies, Tablets Supplies$1,598.43
6/25/2020Commonwealth TechnologyCopier Maintenance & Usage Charge (July)$35.00
6/25/2020Dell Marketing L.P. Monitors, Hard Drive, Laptop$4,734.79
6/25/2020Hurst Office SuppliersOffice Supplies$2,211.67
6/25/2020Ky State Treasurer (Phone)June 20 Telephone Usage$360.69
6/25/2020Myers PrintingEnvelopes, Paper, Business Cards$1,326.00
6/25/2020Office DepotOffice Supplies$470.97
6/25/2020Tyler Technologies, CLT Division2020 Commercial Valuations$4,560.00
6/25/2020KY State Treasurer (Education)2020 PVA Summer Conference$350.00
6/30/2020Allegra Print & ImaginingPVA Mailing Inserts$200.00
6/30/2020Chase Card ServicesOffices Supplies, PPE $425.98
6/30/2020Hurst Office SuppliersOffice Supplies$713.69
6/30/2020Office DepotOffice Supplies$162.18
6/30/2020Toyota on NicholasvilleToyota Camry & Toyota Yaris$31,019.00