Earlier this year, Governor Beshear issued an executive order instructing the Kentucky Department of Revenue to reduce the 2022 assessed values on motor vehicles for property taxes. Most, but not all, of these reductions were processed automatically. However, if you WERE NOT the owner of the vehicle on January 1, 2021 but you WERE the owner on January 1, 2022, then these reassessments could not be processed automatically. The Kentucky Department of Revenue instructed the counties to manually process these reductions UPON REQUEST OF THE TAXPAYER.

It has become obvious that many 2021 car buyers who are entitled to a reduced car tax assessment have failed to request it, likely assuming it happened automatically. Therefore, I am allocating additional resources over the next several weeks to assist those Fayette County residents impacted in receiving the reduced assessments and tax refunds to which they are entitled. If you are not a resident of Fayette County, please contact the county clerk or PVA in your county.

If you purchased your vehicle in calendar year 2021 and had not yet renewed your taxes and registration for 2022 at the time the executive order was issued on February 16, 2022, please send us an email with the information listed below. If you do not have email you may leave the same information in a specially created voice mailbox at the number below, However EMAIL IS THE MUCH PREFERRED METHOD.

Send email (preferred method) to: motax@FayettePVA.com or leave a voice mail message at: (859) 407-2621

Your Name
Mailing Address
Phone Number
Year, Make & Model of the car
Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), which can be located on your vehicle, registration, and/or title
License Plate Number

We will respond to your email, confirming receipt, and provide additional information regarding your case.


The PVA office determines the fair cash value of your property which, in part, determines the amount of property tax you owe.  Fair cash value is based on the condition of the property on January 1.  Eligibility for the Homestead and other exemptions is also based on ownership, residency and use as of January 1.

We invite you to explore our website, examine your property record and check the accuracy of the characteristics we have on file.  If any of this information is incorrect, you may call our office and speak with an assessor who will make any necessary changes, or email us to correct the information we have.  As always, our goal is to be fair and equitable with our assessment process.

Homeowners aged 65 years or older, or receiving disability payments, may qualify for Kentucky’s Homestead Exemption.  Find more information about the Homestead Exemption and view the printable application by visiting the Homestead Exemption Page of our website.

If you have any questions about your assessment, homestead or disability exemptions, feel free to contact us here at the PVA office.

For general inquires for our office or about your property, email Andrea.Ewen@ky.gov.

Please use this form to change your mailing address.  You may e-mail it to PVA@FayettePVA.com.


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