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2017 Property Tax Bills 

If you own property in Fayette County, you should soon receive your 2017 property tax bill.  The PVA office is responsible for establishing the fair cash value of your property which, in part, determines the amount of property tax you owe.  Taxes are calculated using the assessment of your property as of January 1, 2017 and the tax rates set by the taxing districts (LFUCG, Fayette County Schools, Commonwealth of Kentucky and others).  Assessments for 2017 are finalized and cannot be changed for your current property tax bill, but you may request a review of your assessment for 2018 by following this link or calling us at (859) 246-2722. 

If you are 65 or older, or receiving disability payments, you may qualify for Kentucky’s Homestead Exemption.  Find more information about the Homestead Exemption by visiting the Homestead Exemption page of our web site.

Property owners are responsible for paying property tax bills whether or not a printed tax bill is received.  There will be substantial penalties for not paying your tax bill in a timely manner.  Please be sure that the PVA office has the correct mailing address for your tax bills.  If you have not received your tax bill by October 15, you should contact us to confirm the mailing address.

Kentucky law requires the tax bill to be issued in the name of the January 1 owner, but if the house has been sold or transferred after January 1 the bills are sent in care of the new owner.  However, there may be inadequate time to update this information for sales or transfers that occur near the date the tax bills are printed.  If you have any questions about your prorated portion of the tax bill you should contact your closing agent or attorney. 

We invite you to explore our website, examine your property record and check the accuracy of the characteristics we have on file.  If any of this information is incorrect, you may call our office and speak with an assessor who will make any necessary changes, or email us to correct the information we have.  As always, our goal is to be fair and equitable with our assessment process. 

We hope this information has been helpful to you and if you have any questions about your assessment, homestead or disability exemptions, feel free to call us here at the PVA office.  As always we are here to be of service to you.  


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November 7 - November 13, 2017 Residential Sales

Posted by lorikidwell on November 17, 2017


Access report in PDF format by clicking here.

PVA Inspections and Reassessments

Posted by kevinhardesty on November 16, 2017


The PVA staff visits and inspects one-fourth of approximately 300 distinct residential neighborhoods each year. We conduct these inspections as part of our quadrennial reassessment plan as required and approved by the Kentucky Department of Revenue.

While inspecting neighborhoods, we review the characteristics and condition of properties and their improvements, look for changes since the previous inspection and update the photographs we post to

We recommend homeowners register with the community social media platform Next Door for updates from David O'Neill - the PVA - regarding the timing of these inspections as well as other timely and important updates.


When PVA field staff members are in your neighborhood they will be driving well-marked state vehicles, which always have a Commonwealth of Kentucky seal on the door. Our motor vehicle pool includes silver Hondas, a blue Toyota, a black Ford Taurus and a black Ford Explorer. 

In some neighborhoods, generally those where houses are set close together with narrow streets, PVA staff may park the car and inspect the neighborhood on foot, in which case they will be wearing an easy to identify blue and yellow safety vest. You may also call the office if you ever wish to confirm if we have staff in your area at (859) 246-2722.


If Your Property is Reassessed

If your property assessment increases you will be mailed an assessment notice on or around April 15, similiar to this example. You can also retreive a PDF version of your assessment notice from your property record on this website at any time after April 15 each year, whether your assessment changes or not. . 

Your assessment notice will also include this brochure which explains the entire reassessment process and what you should do if you wish to question your assessment. 

October 31 - November 6, 2017 Residential Sales

Posted by lorikidwell on November 9, 2017


Access report in PDF format by clicking here.

Creaux - New Orleans Style Bar

Posted by WilliamParker on November 7, 2017



New Orleans-style bar coming to Short Street.  Creaux will have it's grand opening on November 17.


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October 24 - October 30, 2017 Residential Sales

Posted by lorikidwell on November 3, 2017


Access report in PDF format by clicking here.

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